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Many aficionados view Belgium as the fatherland of beer, especially since our brewing heritage dates back many centuries, yet still provides influence and inspiration to modern-day brewers. For centuries our brewers have performed their alchemy with barley, malt, hop and water to conjure up the most delicious beers. This is demonstrated both in quality and quantity, no fewer than 1,500 unique beers, with more than 700 different taste profiles. From lager and Trappist, from Flanders red ale to the ever-effervescent Geuze: the possibilities are limitless. Our Belgian beer culture is even recognized by UNESCO, who inscribed the Belgian beer culture to their list of the intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016.

Orval beer

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Another delicacy we’re famous for are our delicious chocolate and pralines. You’ll be able to buy chocolate in any regular supermarket, but to taste the best chocolate in the world, we advise you to visit real chocolatiers. Witness real craftsmanship and join in by taking a chocolate making workshop!


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One more Belgian treat we want you to try are our waffles. Our capital is famous for its Brussels Waffles, which you can eat with so many toppings you’ll get dizzy.

But another one of our cities, Liège, is also famous for a different kind of waffle. The batter, slightly denser, is enriched with sugar pearls which caramelised when baked. No need for toppings: it’s love at first bite.


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Did you know it’s not “French fries” but “Belgian fries”? The yummy treat was created in our very own Namur and has been a signature Belgian dish ever since. Order them as a side dish at a restaurant or head over to one of our many ‘fritkots’ to get a taste and we promise you’ll never call them French fries again.


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Michelin restaurants

It’s not all beer and treats in Belgium, though. Our 127 Michelin star restaurants will give you a dining experience of the highest quality if you want to have a fancy dinner. However, here you’ll find a great offer for any budget. We offer you craftsmanship, a delight at any table. Visit The Jane in Antwerp, go to Comme chez Soi in Brussels or enjoy an exquisite dinner at L’Air du Temps located 15 min from Namur or one of the many other top notch restaurants. The chefs will surely blow you away.


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What better way to try one of the Belgians beers than in a typical Belgian cafe? The diversity is as great as the number of beers we have. Having a drink after work or just meeting up with friends, every reason is good to meet up. As from the moment there is a little bit of sunshine, you can find us on one of the many terraces in front of the cafes.

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